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Shattered Emotions - Audiobook

Shattered Emotions - Audiobook

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His wolf tells him she’s his mate. But he’s afraid of one thing—that she could be his twin’s mate instead.

The burdens of the Pack bonds weigh on Maddox with each passing day. As war with the Centrals escalates, so do the intensity of emotions he feels due to being their Omega.

His wolf is failing, and he refuses to take his mate down with him.

Ellie doesn’t care what fate says.

She’s the daughter of a traitor. The sister of a monster. Now her former Pack wants revenge, and they’ll take Maddox out to make that happen.

He is her mate. Her forever.

And she’ll fight to the bitter end for him.

Even if it means fighting to save his soul along the way.

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The Complete Redwood Pack Reading Order

Book 0.5: An Alpha’s Path

Book 1: A Taste for a Mate

Book 2: Trinity Bound

Book 2.5: A Night Away

Book 3: Enforcer’s Redemption

Book 3.5: Blurred Expectations

Book 3.7: Forgiveness

Book 4: Shattered Emotions

Book 5: Hidden Destiny

Book 5.5: A Beta’s Haven

Book 6: Fighting Fate

Book 6.5: Loving the Omega

Book 6.7: The Hunted Heart

Book 7: Wicked Wolf

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